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On average each clamshell pot contains 70gs of wax.

Fiction is often based in fact you can’t have your favourite horror show or movie without it having some influence from real life if it be heavy influence or just slight undertones of truth. The fiction collection is the perfect pairing for the Fact collection inspired by some of my favourite horror shows and movies.

Scents include:

Ghost face- Another of last years best sellers! A gentle feminine scent with notes of dark berries and citrus notes leading to a heart of night orchid resting on a background of earthy patchouli, precious woods, amber and cashmere musks.

Eat your heart out (Tiffany)- one of last years best sellers! A feminine scent with top notes of citrus and raspberry merge with parma violet and rose and are softened by tonka bean, musk and white woods.

F****ed up horror (x Maxine) - the perfect Halloween scent. The scent of vodka with black raspberry liquor, a squeeze of lemon juice with a sour lemon sherbet twist.

Help mommy (Jason)- A lovely cosy scent containing warming notes of sandalwood and exotic patchouli.

Baby Gage- A dupe of a child’s sleepy time bath product. clean A fruity fragrance with aldehydic top notes of citrus and raspberry. Floral middle notes of rose, pine, jasmine, and lily of the valley. Woody bottom notes of musk and vanilla.

Hell is a teenage girl- The first return of one of 3 best sellers from last year! A perfume dupe. A sweet fragrance with creamy top notes of apple, orange and citrus. Floral middle notes of orchid, orris and lily of the valley. Woody bottom notes of patchouli, malt, musk and complex white woods.

On Wednesday we wear black- smells like black liquorice. powerful fusion of aniseed, liquorice and blackcurrant. At the heart, a medley of forbidden fruits is sure to spark curiosity, while black musk and sweet vanilla

Dead by dawn- opening with top notes of cassis, bergamot, red berries and cocoa, with a creamy floral heart of Jasmin, muguet and rose, supported by a delicious base of vanilla, caramel, Tonka, patchouli and amber.

If the apocalypse comes Beep me (buffy)- A captivating aromatic accord where eucalyptus, pink pepper, rosemary, bergamot, mint and lemon mingle with a heart of rose, cardamom, tea and geranium, all this rests on a sweet, musky base.

Blood sucking Brady bunch (lost boys)- rich coffee beans and indulgent chocolate liqueur with a cream twist leading into a thick layer of dark cocoa powder. Perfect for coffee lovers who like it sweet!

The queen rides alone- A oriental floral accord with top notes of mandarin orange, lily, gardenia and white flowers leading to a heart of pepper, peach, frankincense, tobacco, cassis, plum, raspberry and pear on a base of patchouli, sandalwood, amber, musks and vanilla.

Fact v Fiction 2023, Fiction skull clamshells

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